It is, obviously, only, and only a coincidence. But if it is true that

coincidence is a coincidence, two coincidences are a clue, three connections resemble a test

think that's.
Why, just happens, including the devastating earthquake that hit Japan, As the world's other great tragedies of recent times, have to do with the number 11. A trail of blood linked precisely to this issue that has long sparked the imagination of writers, authors and the people of the Internet. Including that produced in Hollywood 2005 the horror film “11.11, Fear has a new number” focused on this very strange coincidence.
If we want this coincidence from a rather remote past. The 25 March 1911 Manhattan lived another tragedy: following a fire in a factory linens died 146 persons referred 123 women: was the opportunity to introduce some basic rules for safety at work.
On September 11, 1973 Chile President Salvador Allende lost a heart attack, giving way to the terrible regime of General Augusto Pinochet.
But the curse of the number 11 comes to life after the events of American history more disconcerting: September 11 2001 When the Twin Towers collapsed in New York brought down by unprecedented terrorist.

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UFO spotted over Jerusalem

Posted on 2 February 2011 of Administrator in Ufology

In these days there is much talk of the sighting, by some tourists a bright object flying in the skies of Jerusalem (Israel). Its YouTube circulate several amateur videos of tourists who claim to have spotted a ball of light above the Temple Mount and the Wailing Wall,in the heart of the city.

The daily “Maariv”, already some weeks ago he noticed that some American tourists were seen in the skies of Jerusalem, an unidentified object.

It 's been a hectic day than yesterday, 1 February 2011. A hectic day and went around to the news coming from the ancient places of worship. Sites, online newspapers, portals, split between possibilistic and skeptical. Be careful and clear up the misunderstanding by. The most disparate hypotheses have accompanied the video first and subsequent. It is unclear how many videos were shot from different angles. Two for sure. Never as in this case the various centers UFO, worldwide, have maintained an attitude characterized by the utmost caution. Guest, before analysis of the images, few and circumstance. The caution reigns. The UFO Center of Benevento (CUB), well in the past that has dismantled several theorems of alleged sightings, invites fans for calm and patience. The "UFO sightinghs"Are a temptation for easy enthusiasm and at the same time can not be liquidated, at first sight, as fake.

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The site of Gobekli Tepe rewrites the history of man

Posted on 21 January 2011 of Administrator in Story
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He speaks very little, few books that tell, Very few documentaries that show this place, but it could be one of the most important sites of the earth, one of the fundamental human.

Here would be born Agriculture, Here man would decide to become permanent, Here he chose to become a hunter in grower fields… and all around 11.500 years ago, 6000 years before Stonehenge take the form and, surprisingly, between the 3000 ed i 1500 years before Çatalhöyük, considered one of the oldest settlements in history.

Peak-bellied (or 'hill of the navel'In Turkish), in Turkey, on some hills near the plain of Harran, near the Syrian border is a particular archaeological site, particularly as it is the dedication that the German archaeologist Klaus Schmidt set forth in his work over the past twelve years.

The site was initially examined by’ University of Chicago and from’ University of Istanbul in the 60s. After visiting the site, it was only a “hit and run” anthropologists on what looked like an abandoned cemetery dating to the Middle Ages, the site was rediscovered in 1994 by a local pastor.
The Sanliurfa museum authorities contacted their references to the Ministry, which in turn turned the German Archaeological Institute in Istanbul. Schmidt arrived so, convinced that in that place there was more than an old cemetery.

“Only man could have created a hill like this” sostenne Schmidt “It’ Clearly this is a huge site dating back to the Stone Age”.

Up to now have been brought to light about fifty different megaliths: terraces, stone circles, six feet tall pillars in the shape of “T” monoliths and one of which, according to the datings, represent the work of monumental art world's oldest. And to make matters worse, Radar surveys have shown are concealed under the ground at least another 15 monumental ruins.

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The Brazilian government orders to record sightings of UFOs

Posted on 12 August 2010 of Administrator in Ufology

Strange but true: on UFO must record a new and significant position of a government. Rather, in the case of Brazil there is something more: a measure official and once operational, which told the BBC in the Latin America section of its online site.
The administration of Brasilia Air Force has ordered that henceforth meticulously records each sighting of unidentified flying objects. The ratio of all that unusual that you will notice,should be as detailed as possible: Also included will be any video footage and photographs. Will be involved in the transaction well as civilian pilots and traffic controllers: data collected will be stored in Rio de Janeiro and made available to scientists and researchers.
The Air Force has made available, unless specified, which will simply record: no words will order the pilots groped the engagement with UFOs (Perhaps not a bad idea…) and will not deal with cases to investigate specific research, not having the structures to do.
The UFO phenomenon has been some escalation in Brazil. In the story there are at least two episodes never really clarified.

The first dates back to 1986: it was the Air Force deal, since some had to jet off on alarm from a base of St. Paul; objects appeared in the sky were the nature and strange behavior.

Nine years before, instead, in the Amazonian town of Vigia had been a collective case,cataloged in a middle way between the close encounters of the third and fourth types (che contemplano l’abduction, that is, the kidnapping of the victim): Some residents claimed that they were attacked by beings who could not land, in the sense of humans or animals.

Finally, Recently the newspaper “Day” published the testimony of an air traffic controller: “The sightings were reported at the highest level; I know that many ministers and even a former President of the Republic have admitted to seeing UFOs”.

What is true? For the avoidance of doubt, Brazilian ufologists have already requested that all documentation that is collected will be made public as it is. Without filters, and expectations.

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White girl born to parents blacks

Posted on 22 July 2010 of Administrator in Genetics
La famiglia Ihegboro al completo

The family Ihegboro full

Nature can be still a big mystery to men. There are still things that science is finding it hard to explain, like what happened to Ben and Angela Ihegboro.

Angela is a black woman who was waiting for a girl. At birth, doctors had to realize, with huge parrot stupore, prodigious event: his little, Nmachi,was completely white with blond hair and blue eyes!

The father of Ben 34 years and the mother of Angela 35 live in London,but they are both origins Nigerian, both color, families with both shoulders of Africans "doc" and devoid of Scandinavian or Northern European ancestry. And what about the appearance of the typical Nordic newborn?
The DNA analysis confirmed the paternity of Ben, by dropping the first hypothesis of a possible betrayal.
Moreover, none of the parents in their family tree, Caucasian genes.
The doctors Queen Mary’s Hospital a Sidcup, where the child is born, stated that Nmachi is definitely not an albino, and they admitted that the genetic, to date, still shows the dark side, mysterious rules that do not allow to explain the very rare cases such as that shown by the small Nmachi.

The case of Nmachi, has toured the world and has surprised even the experts in genetics. What happened was miraculous, and remains a big mystery and inexplicable.

Currently, the little angel lives in the capital with her parents and two siblings, the latter both of color.
Certainly the images of small Nmachi surrounded by his family strictly African striking for their extraordinary. A creature as white as a snowflake in the arms of parents of color is a little picture so unusual but still very tender.
We hope, is that this girl is not seen as a freak and not the subject of looks morbid!
We hope that the parents first and foremost do everything to protect it and make it grow normally with all the love he needs, without leave at the mercy of newspapers and television, making money on her as it was their "goose that lays the golden eggs".

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The denial of U.S. Law?

Posted on 21 July 2010 of Administrator in Conspiracies, Ufology
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The 5 ottobre 1982, Dr. Brain T. Clifford the Pentagon said in a press conference (“The Star”, New York, 5 ottobre, 1982) tOctobertact between U.S. citizens and extraterrestrials or their vehicles is strictly illegal.

There would be a law, passed hitherto unnoticed (Title 14, Section 1211 CFR, Code of Federal Regulations strangely adopted on 16 July 1969, four days before the first moon landing), punishing those guilty of such contact with imprisonment for a year and a fine of $ 5.000.

The law, also known by the name of “Extra-Terrestrial Exposure Law” also states that the NASA Administrator has the power to determine, with or without a hearing if a person or object has been “exposed” and impose a quarantine under armed guard, that could not be revoked by either by court. There is no limit placed on the number of individuals who could thus be arbitrarily quarantined.

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Vela Incident: nuclear explosion or meteorite?

Posted on 20 July 2010 of Administrator in Cold war
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The’Vela incident, also known as Flash of the South Atlantic occurred on 22 September 1979 between the South Atlantic and the Indian Ocean south of South Africa. The U.S. Vela satellites 6911 took over the typical “Double zip” (the first short and very intense, followed by a longer and less bright) of a nuclear explosion in the atmosphere. The estimated power was two or three kilotons.

However there are doubts about the reliability of the observation. The satellite in question was launched more than 10 years before, and had already spent two years the expected operational life limit. Already at the time of the fact it was known a fault to a sensor of electromagnetic pulses, and, in July 1972, had had a failure in data storage systems, was later rescinded in March alone 1978.

Initial reports of the Government of the United States of months after the takeover, stated that the lightning was undoubtedly generated by a nuclear explosion.

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UFO Sightings in China: blocked the airport

Posted on 12 July 2010 of Administrator in Ufology

It’ Friday's news of a UFO sighting in the skies of Zhejiang,a region in eastern China. Then the object was also sighted in the city of Ningbo to Wuxi two cities of the same province.

These sightings have forced the airport to Hangzhou, capital of the region, close to transit through its airspace for several hours.

It is not an isolated incident, for it was in Hangzhou, the 16 March, another UFO had caused a sensation.

The Chinese airport authorities have not released any comment, as feasible, although an investigation was initiated to investigate sull'avvenuto.

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Researchers at Harvard University have developed, in collaboration with MIT, a revolutionary new material “programmable” that changes shape on command. Just as telling some evidence dating back to the episode of Roswell (New Mexico, USA) of 1947 when an alleged extra-terrestrial UFO crashed in the desert, such material would be able to assume any desired shape.

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Roswell: the UFO that helped the technological progress

Posted on 2 July 2010 of Administrator in Ufology
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Roswell, New Mexico (USA) America is a place famous worldwide for the strange events that occurred in 1947. We do not want to dwell here on investigations and theories surrounding this incident but, for those unfamiliar with the story, offer a brief summary.

The 3 July 1947 Own a ranch in tempering his field of metal debris and warned the authorities. Although at first the sheriff and the local authorities confermassero that it was a UFO extraterrestrial, after a few days (of intensive research and an inexplicable interest in the Airforce and the FBI that a large desert area fenced), the news was disproved and replaced with that of a falling “balloon”, with evidence demonstrating it is often believed to be made ad-hoc.

Despite the numerous examples of a strong military activity and misinformation,as well as unexplained events occurred in those days, The official response to the incident remains one of the probe, but many UFO researchers believe that this episode has decreed the creation of a “conspiracy of silence” worldwide to hide the contact is made with alien beings.

The aspect on which we dwell, however, is the reflection of how, from 1947 on technological progress has had a significant acceleration which seem strange. According to official history this is due to the establishment of a long period of “nonbelligerence” world and the birth of “Cold War”, or a technological competition between the U.S. and the Soviet Union on a large scale and in different scientific fields.

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