White girl born to parents blacks

Posted on 22 July 2010 of Administrator in Genetics
La famiglia Ihegboro al completo

The family Ihegboro full

Nature can be still a big mystery to men. There are still things that science is finding it hard to explain, like what happened to Ben and Angela Ihegboro.

Angela is a black woman who was waiting for a girl. At birth, doctors had to realize, with huge parrot stupore, prodigious event: his little, Nmachi,was completely white with blond hair and blue eyes!

The father of Ben 34 years and the mother of Angela 35 live in London,but they are both origins Nigerian, both color, families with both shoulders of Africans "doc" and devoid of Scandinavian or Northern European ancestry. And what about the appearance of the typical Nordic newborn?
The DNA analysis confirmed the paternity of Ben, by dropping the first hypothesis of a possible betrayal.
Moreover, none of the parents in their family tree, Caucasian genes.
The doctors Queen Mary’s Hospital a Sidcup, where the child is born, stated that Nmachi is definitely not an albino, and they admitted that the genetic, to date, still shows the dark side, mysterious rules that do not allow to explain the very rare cases such as that shown by the small Nmachi.

The case of Nmachi, has toured the world and has surprised even the experts in genetics. What happened was miraculous, and remains a big mystery and inexplicable.

Currently, the little angel lives in the capital with her parents and two siblings, the latter both of color.
Certainly the images of small Nmachi surrounded by his family strictly African striking for their extraordinary. A creature as white as a snowflake in the arms of parents of color is a little picture so unusual but still very tender.
We hope, is that this girl is not seen as a freak and not the subject of looks morbid!
We hope that the parents first and foremost do everything to protect it and make it grow normally with all the love he needs, without leave at the mercy of newspapers and television, making money on her as it was their "goose that lays the golden eggs".

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