The Law of Awareness

in Gian Biagianti, 2011

There is a law in nature that looks very much like the law of gravity and that works just as mathematical infallibility based, like all the laws of physics, exclusively his principi energetici. E’ una legge che consentirebbe ad ogni uomo che sapesse metterla in pratica di modificare a proprio piacimento la realtà in cui vive, making it instantly manifest a different, precisely because of the force of attraction. E’ a law which humanity has lost consciousness and whose ancestral memories survive through metaphors, parables and symbols that make up the increasingly weak and misunderstood testimony, for a humanity more and more accustomed to living in the superficiality in which the use and abuse of thought relegate.

Inherent in the human capacity to make the “miracle” through “law awareness” tell us about some Renaissance paintings in which are represented the Father, the Son and the dove as we know, is a symbol of the so-called "Holy Spirit". In these paintings, the most famous of which is the fresco by Bonaventura Salimbeni entitled 'Glorification of the Eucharist», appear in addition to the three above figures, two more or less long, thin rods or antennas or scepters, which together with the inevitable ball are nothing more than the representation of the energy production and those who want to perform the miracle should practice. Visiting a church you could see the symbol of the "scepter", which is usually held in the hand of the Virgin Mary and the baby Jesus shows the sphere; in this case we can say that: sacred images in which they appear the scepter and the ball is on the ability of those who flaunts them to create a new reality, or to perform the miracle.

Glorification of the Eucharist (Bonaventura Salimbeni, 1559)

Other examples of paintings and frescoes with the representation of the "Trinity"

Going back to the Renaissance paintings, they reveal that the miracle is achieved through synchronous interaction of the three entities that make up, the body, the soul and the mind, represented respectively by father, dove and son. In fact, whenever we see a Jesus who is with the fingers of the hand shows us the number three, or shows a tripartite ball or a cross, we need to know that just that the Messiah refers, and that is to be our one and trini, the fact that we are composed of three entities in their own right, independent but interacting, tre energie, three intelligences, three souls, and know that our essence this is a fundamental condition for us to attract the desired reality, namely, as I said, perform miracles.

Besides, we have already heard: once lived in the Garden of Eden and everything we wanted was within reach, enough and ask the Lord's Prayer would hear our every desire. Then a few thing though, so we lost this ability, but only because we forgot how to ask.

Looking at some of the oldest monuments in our cities or villages, you may notice three symbols that might be called “pagan”, but which are also our own reference to these three souls, and are: the’obelisk, the vortex and the sphere. To understand these symbols and thus understand the meaning of religious symbols of the "scepter" and ball, we must go back to the etymology of the word symbol, that is, back to the meaning that this word is born and that over time has been lost and has nothing to do with the one for which it is used nowadays.

Sculptures and pagan symbols

Symbol is a word that comes from the greek and is composed of the prefix son and the suffix was. Son means the merging, the union, such as in symphony namely the merging of multiple sounds, symphony orchestra in fact consists of several instruments whose sounds blend to produce one, the symphony precisely, or in synergy, where for synergistic action means the action of several forces that combine to determine a result. The suffix was is found in discus thrower, the thrower, bolus then launch means, but also eject, leave, issue, externalize, as in Diabolo from which devil, that is the one that God has expelled, man.

In consequence of the above said we can affirm that: the symbol is a combination of inner knowledge that an unconscious energy pushes up the level of our perception. The symbols that we grasp through our senses represent a quality or human potential that people with other sensitivity or sensitivity perceived in their deepest being, and that we have left.

Looking at the Masonic symbol of the pyramid and obelisk with the ball at its peak, should be obvious similarities which of course also affect the message that we give.

Maybe someone will remember an episode of the television “Voyager”. In this episode, the conductor plunged off a small island in Japan to visit a huge pyramid recently discovered and wondered why, people who had not known, both to their distance, that the era in which they lived, feel a common need to raise this testimony, all this while on a spinning globe that shows the pyramids were discovered, virtually in every part of the globe, not to mention that the monuments that we see on some of our monuments are nothing more than stylized pyramids.

The pyramid is a symbol, the pyramid is within us then, energetic level course, because everything is energy, and we ourselves are energy. Who has seen the pyramid within their own being is at least been aware of the message that this perception led, and the message said that: Everything is contained in a pyramid and the pyramid that contains everything is within us, then we hold all.

The ancient building the pyramids represented outside the energy form they perceived in them. Researchers who wonder how these people could have some astronomical knowledge should accept this answer: these people plucked this information from within them because they knew inside look, inside their internal pyramid that is the reproduction of the universe.

The experience of the pyramid is one of those experiences that at some point in my life I realized they were more unique than rare, I felt like when that pyramid energy level of my solar plexus, between the abdomen and sternum approximately, inside of me but also a little’ out of me, an experience that was manifested as a strange deja-vu but more powerful. One of deja-vu is a feeling we all had some experiences in our lives, may not remember them because they happened many years ago, but we know that as long as we were children or young (have a manual or a certain energy), occasionally showed that unexplainable feeling that something was telling us that he had already experienced the situation that we were living. This energetic phenomenon is due to the fact that we are embodied souls and soul as we know neither time nor space, correct theory of relativity Albert Einstein for which we know that time and space exist only in the presence of a mass, that is, a body. Our soul then lives in a continuum where time and space do not exist and where all our experiences, but also all our possibilities and all variants alternatives to our current situation, there are already. Certain phenomena we call precognition, premonition or prophetic dreams, occur for the desire of our soul to avoid our suffering or create us an opportunity of being, because our suffering is also his and our well-being is also the well-being. Our soul is intelligence that loves us, but that we do not listen, much and she can not help us as he would like because she lacks the energy, subtract the energy that we unwittingly fueling another soul, soul of which we lack at birth, but that we create ourselves to become servants, this soul is called: mind.

If we try to voice “mind” on any encyclopedia, that we can read about the nature of the mind there is a theory that is called “substantial view” of which the philosopher Plato was the greatest exponent. According to Plato, the mind is a separate entity, with identity that is independent from the brain and then the body, while being able to interact with it, and then act on it (as demonstrated by the cases of persons stigmatized), but also break away from it. Sometimes you hear of people who have lost their memory, who do not remember his name and do not even know about, in fact it is the memory leaking, but the mind, because the memory is a function of mind and if you decide to leave our mind we find ourselves as if we were born at that time, no memory. This can occur as a result of a traumatic fact, a strong shock, as in the case of those who have witnessed acts of war, then we could lose our mind by a unilateral decision could leave to return after a few moments, but despite our prodigality in the nurture through thought, may also not return, obviously depending on the extent of the trauma. It’ Note the ability of children to live in a very direct their experiences, for example, to go from laughter to tears instantly, and this happens because children have not yet formed a mind, the energy of their thoughts has not yet reached a drag force that continues to reflect on what has happened to them or what might happen, and it is for this that we may appear unconscious, but obviously it is not so.

The mind is an entity formed by merging the energy efficiency of our thoughts, which acts as a vortex that will draw us out of our body making whirl when our body will die and we will no longer anchored to it, a vortex that does not care about the quality of our thoughts, but asks only one thing, energy. We should pay attention to the vortices (that the swastika is a style of oriental) we see depicted in our environment and consider them a reminder of the presence, an invitation that the posting of the continuous and subtle connection between us and our mind, think that we prey as soon as we wake up and that is with us all day in a continuous murmur interior when we get older in many cases can not even hold within us.

It’ This is the meaning of the metaphor of Original Sin, the sin of our first parents committed tasting the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil, ie quell'effimero pleasure in judging of everything and everyone and we feel that our mind is so thirsty, judging that takes us away from the God who is within us, our soul. Those who doubt the existence of God are wondering how God could allow all the injustices we see helpless and that are part of everyday life. This certainly has reason to be as we imagine a God made in our image and likeness, but we ourselves know only our mind, so much so that we believe to be our mind and we think that God has a powerful mind, instead, God has no mind. If God began to judge of what is right or wrong mind would create a, lose its energy and the universe will disintegrate; our actions will be judged only by men, never from God. God is a feeling, is the feeling he felt when he became aware of himself, God is awareness, and God feeds and awareness of our awareness of God needs.

Awareness is the feeling that we know when the soul is presented to us in a symbolic way, that is issuing the impulse energy that we have learned and called deja-vu, and that he was looking for a contact with us and at the same time a request that our soul has made us to live consciously each moment of our life as if it were already within us. But we do not know refrain from creating mind removing energy to the soul, and this is through the judgment that the continuous thoughts turned to the past or to the future, progressively so we end up losing all contact with our infinite inner knowledge.

So we lose touch with the soul that lives in our hearts and that is a child of God. It’ because we have a heart if we can be said to be the image and likeness of God, in fact, the universe, with its share of expansion and retraction is a beating heart, and in our hearts is the energy of the universe, in our heart is the soul that can communicate with God, soul who can ask God for strength of attraction to manifest the reality we like, a requirement that we can issue trying a feeling, obviously a sense of awareness.

“Not me, but my father does miracles”, we only have to issue the request, we have to prove the feeling of complete satisfaction with the result that we got as if he had already expressed, because for God there is no before or after a, God does not know the language of the time, God only knows the language of feelings. "If you say to the mountain cast into the sea, and you will have no doubt, the mountain will throw into the sea ", here is what stands between us and Heaven, the doubt created by the mind, but to overcome the doubt should not want, but feel the happiness that you feel if our desire is already realized, then would feel a strange thrill in our hearts, a thrill, and then we would know that the request is just like the game of the electromagnetic wave of mobile phone. Through our hearts we can in fact emit wave energy that will give God the opportunity to manifest a new reality for the force of attraction, just like the sun attracts the earth and the earth attracts the moon.

I had seen many years ago, a film in which Albert Einstein explained gravity to kids by stretching a cloth and placing a bowl and then a snitch on the cloth, of course the snitch was going around the bowl for depression that created this. Thus, there is an energy that sustains all that is the soul that knows no time, knows no space, and from which we draw unconsciously what appears to us as fate not according to our intelligence, but our mood and energy that is based on the quality of our feelings as a succession of cause and effect. But the Soul Mother would be delighted to catalyze immediately what we want to ask if we knew with awareness.

Jesus of Nazareth was a master in this art, and came into the world to insegnarcela, but as we know someone it was not worth, So Jesus was put to death along with all those that he had learned the law of consciousness and die before turning to the Great Soul said: “MY FATHER FORGIVE THEM WHY’ DO NOT KNOW AWARENESS”.

He was referring to the law of consciousness which he used to heal the sick feeling the feeling of satisfaction for having put the man on his own legs when he was still lying, a feeling that made his heart beat, Jesus heard that they were good then your legs, I was aware, and the law of consciousness manifested by attracting the well-being of all those legs that were in the range of the energy radiated from his heart, and healed paraplegic.

Who wants to try to make a miracle would literally “throw” the feeling, that is, they should be good to break away from if, but, who knows, perhaps; and if you could try this strange feeling feel a tremor in his heart, not a breath or tachycardia course, something different and you notice it because at the same time perceive something out of his head, It is the energy mind that because of the force of the feeling abandon him for a fraction of a second, and this will allow the energy of the heart to radiate. It is that process already called “synchronous interaction” between our three souls, and that in the sacred images is referenced in the cross placed on the ball or the height of the “scepter” (come in “Glorification of the Eucharist” the scepter held by the Son). When then the prodigy will be realized would notice because perceive the form of a sphere energy that goes burdening within a membrane and energy that would understand that membrane energy was produced by his own heart, like a thin rod, or a long scepter that stood above him, a po’ on the right, but maybe on the left if left-handed (is a purely energy), and an energy sphere folded, attracting.

Of these properties was aware human Freemasonry, a sect which aimed to disseminate knowledge and atavistic who left us this testimony in the Masonic symbol of the pyramid, where the manifestation of God, the beaming eye, is obtained through the loss of a dimension (the pyramid triangle evolves into). It’ Interestingly, the great painter and mason Michelangelo, has interpreted these truths in the "Creation of Adam", a painting that really reveals the nature of the human mind, looking at this painting we can see it as the shape of the angels encircling the father that it comes out with creative intent, is similar to a section of the human brain.

Creation of Adam, Michelangelo, 1511

So here is the message of the symbols, and the meaning of the Father who is the soul incarnated in the body, the Son who is the soul that is born from the body and is called mind and dove, which is also called the Holy Spirit because it is both divine and human soul that dream is a symbol of God, In fact, God can manifest to us, but only when our mind is silent.

Interpreting our dreams as an encrypted message to decrypt inevitably we shall remain on the surface of ourselves, because the interpretation creates mind, and that the soul does not want and will not ever find. If you learn to relate our dreams to the energy produced by our feelings, this progressive work would lead us to transcend the emotions of the mind and body, to achieve a contact with our deep that our soul, He.

“I climb the stairs leading to the attic taking a few things into his hand, open the door to find a dove waiting for, the dove comes to meet me wagging his tail, hopping and making the holidays like a dog, me and what I hold in my hand that I find to be a little dove that tapping rhythmically on the bars of the cage in which it is locked reproduces the heartbeat”.

God is waiting for our command to serve us without asking anything in return because we are that “Prodigal Son” that the Father is waiting, we only have to relearn to ask to find ourselves in the Garden of Eden from which they were chased, but individually we have strayed.

In our world there is so much need for new Jesus, perform miracles is only a question of energy that is obtained by concentrating, For those who want to understand the art of the miracle, or better understand this our reality or prepare for the next life, I recommend the reading of my extraordinary experiences that I have collected in the book “MY FATHER FORGIVE THEM WHY’ DO NOT KNOW THE LAW OF AWARENESS” Simple editions or