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UFO spotted over Jerusalem

Posted on 2 February 2011 of Administrator in Ufology

In these days there is much talk of the sighting, by some tourists a bright object flying in the skies of Jerusalem (Israel). YouTube circulate several amateur videos of tourists who claim to have spotted a ball of light above the Temple Mount and the Wailing Wall,in the heart of the city. The newspaper "Maariv", [...]

The Brazilian government orders to record sightings of UFOs

Posted on 12 August 2010 of Administrator in Ufology

Strange but true: on UFO must record a new and significant position of a government. Rather, in the case of Brazil there is something more: a measure official and once operational, which told the BBC in the Latin America section of its online site. The administration of Brasilia Air Force has ordered that from now on record [...]

The denial of U.S. Law?

Posted on 21 July 2010 of Administrator in Conspiracies, Ufology
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The 5 ottobre 1982, Dr. Brain T. Clifford the Pentagon said in a press conference (“The Star”, New York, 5 ottobre, 1982) tOctobertact between U.S. citizens and extraterrestrials or their vehicles is strictly illegal. There would be a law, passed hitherto unnoticed (Title 14, Section 1211 CFR, [...]

UFO Sightings in China: blocked the airport

Posted on 12 July 2010 of Administrator in Ufology

E’ Friday's news of a UFO sighting in the skies of Zhejiang,a region in eastern China. Then the object was also sighted in the city of Ningbo to Wuxi two cities of the same province. These sightings have forced the airport to Hangzhou, capital of the region, close to transit through its airspace for several hours. E [...]It

Researchers at Harvard University have developed, in collaboration with MIT, a revolutionary new material “programmable” that changes shape on command. Just as telling some evidence dating back to the episode of Roswell (New Mexico, USA) of 1947 when an alleged extra-terrestrial UFO crashed in the desert, such material would be able to [...]

Roswell: the UFO that helped the technological progress

Posted on 2 July 2010 of Administrator in Ufology
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Roswell, New Mexico (USA) America is a place famous worldwide for the strange events that occurred in 1947. We do not want to dwell here on investigations and theories surrounding this incident but, for those unfamiliar with the story, offer a brief summary. The 3 July 1947 Own [...]