The Brazilian government orders to record sightings of UFOs

Posted on 12 August 2010 of Administrator in Ufology

Strange but true: on UFO must record a new and significant position of a government. Rather, in the case of Brazil there is something more: a measure official and once operational, which told the BBC in the Latin America section of its online site.
The administration of Brasilia Air Force has ordered that henceforth meticulously records each sighting of unidentified flying objects. The ratio of all that unusual that you will notice,should be as detailed as possible: Also included will be any video footage and photographs. Will be involved in the transaction well as civilian pilots and traffic controllers: data collected will be stored in Rio de Janeiro and made available to scientists and researchers.
The Air Force has made available, unless specified, which will simply record: no words will order the pilots groped the engagement with UFOs (Perhaps not a bad idea…) and will not deal with cases to investigate specific research, not having the structures to do.
The UFO phenomenon has been some escalation in Brazil. In the story there are at least two episodes never really clarified.

The first dates back to 1986: it was the Air Force deal, since some had to jet off on alarm from a base of St. Paul; objects appeared in the sky were the nature and strange behavior.

Nine years before, instead, in the Amazonian town of Vigia had been a collective case,cataloged in a middle way between the close encounters of the third and fourth types (che contemplano l’abduction, that is, the kidnapping of the victim): Some residents claimed that they were attacked by beings who could not land, in the sense of humans or animals.

Finally, Recently the newspaper “Day” published the testimony of an air traffic controller: “The sightings were reported at the highest level; I know that many ministers and even a former President of the Republic have admitted to seeing UFOs”.

What is true? For the avoidance of doubt, Brazilian ufologists have already requested that all documentation that is collected will be made public as it is. Without filters, and expectations.

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