Roswell: the UFO that helped the technological progress

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Roswell, New Mexico (USA) America is a place famous worldwide for the strange events that occurred in 1947. We do not want to dwell here on investigations and theories surrounding this incident but, for those unfamiliar with the story, offer a brief summary.

The 3 July 1947 Own a ranch in tempering his field of metal debris and warned the authorities. Although at first the sheriff and the local authorities confermassero that it was a UFO extraterrestrial, after a few days (of intensive research and an inexplicable interest in the Airforce and the FBI that a large desert area fenced), the news was disproved and replaced with that of a falling “balloon”, with evidence demonstrating it is often believed to be made ad-hoc.

Despite the numerous examples of a strong military activity and misinformation,as well as unexplained events occurred in those days, The official response to the incident remains one of the probe, but many UFO researchers believe that this episode has decreed the creation of a “conspiracy of silence” worldwide to hide the contact is made with alien beings.

The aspect on which we dwell, however, is the reflection of how, from 1947 on technological progress has had a significant acceleration which seem strange. According to official history this is due to the establishment of a long period of “nonbelligerence” world and the birth of “Cold War”, or a technological competition between the U.S. and the Soviet Union on a large scale and in different scientific fields.

However, it is interesting to note that some very important inventions, that have changed the world and society, have been developed precisely in 1947. In that year were born actually in fact the silicon transistors and mobile phone.

Coincidences? And what about the fact that both were completed at Bell Laboratories in New Jersey?And if this structure had the task by the government to study the technology UFO crashed in Roswell?

Some objectors to this theory indicate unlikely that even in the same year we were able to decode the alien technology and develop these important inventions.
But in response to this objection just think that the UFO craches, so are called episodes of crashing to the ground of unidentified flying objects, episodes are not entirely modern. According to the CSETI (Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence) there are reports of flying metal objects lying on the floor as early as 5000 a.c..
In the modern era, however, these stories are real and documented, and only between 1864 and 1909 were reported by the official chronicles six incidents of unidentified flying objects that interested. Five of these took place in the U.S. (the other in Sorisole, near Bergamo in Italy).
Not to mention the world nineteen episodes occurred only in the years 1946-1947.
So the Roswell UFO would not have given the go-to the study of such technology, but it would allow the completion!

And more, the birth of the Cold War brought the two superpowers to the space race. From the 50s onwards were followed numerous satellite launches and shuttle crew until landing on the Moon in 1969.
The official version has it that the results obtained in this conquest of space, are due to post-war technological progress and participation of leading scientists and engineers. Especially the U.S. avvalerono advice and collaboration of many researchers who survived the defeat of Nazi Germany and moved to the U.S. through Operation Paper Clip and began working with the U.S. government in exchange for immunity.

L’ingegnere aerospaziale Clark C. McClelland

The aerospace engineer Clark. McClelland

These include the German engineer Wernher von Braun (1912-1977), designer and maker of the famous V1 and V2 rockets Nazis, which is said to have launched the Shuttle Program.

The aerospace engineer Clark McClelland was specialist from NASA 1958 to the 1992: former operator of the Space Shuttle 34 age, was also an aerospace engineer at Cape Canaveral and the Kennedy Space Center for the Atlas project, Titan, Minuteman, for all manned space programs (Mercury, Gemini, Apollo, Space Shuttle) and advanced planning for the International Space Station.

McClelland, confirmed in an exclusive interview with CNI News – about UFO incident took place near the town of Roswell 1947 – the involvement of the engineer inspecting German missile site crashed on the hull and on the bodies of alien beings.

Here is the transcript of some of his revelations:

During my long years of service in the nation's space program had the good fortune to meet and exchange some information of great interest to German scientists moved to USA through Operation Paper Clip after the Second World War. They were the elite of the scientific team assigned to the German rocket program under the control of Adolf Hitler. I often had the privilege of conversing with their parent, Dr. Wernher von Braun and other scientists assigned to the teams involved in the launch of the ABMA (Army Ballistics Missile Agency) to the launch pads of Cape Canaveral. These same men were eventually lumped into the new organization National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).
During the regular meetings of the MFA (Manned Flight Awareness) which were held in Cocoa Beach, I used to exchange jokes freely with some of these scientists, in particular with Dr. von Braun. One evening, during a break, I was with him on the back porch of the Cocoa Beach Ramada Inn. I told him to know that his group at the time of the accident was stationed near the site of the crash, il poligono White Sands Testing Range, where they were tested the launch of V-2 rockets captured from the Germans. It was then that I addressed a question that made him frown.
'There was no or, A Case Roswell? It was an alien spacecraft recovered along with alien bodies? He had the opportunity to visit the scene of the accident?'Dr. von Braun, smoker, lit a cigarette, thought for a moment and then began to speak without hesitation of his inspection of the crashed aircraft. He trusted me because I had sworn that I would not have said a word to newspapers, magazines, television, ecc. I never broke that oath. It is now dead, and the incident happened over fifty years ago. That's why today revealed its version, I have the right to speak, even things that do not exist according to some agencies. Dr. von Braun explained that he and his colleagues (for now the names remain confidential) were taken at the crash site and entered the perimeter just loose the security cordon of military. Conducted their analysis quickly. He told me that the plane did not seem to consist of a metal known. Emphasized that appeared manufactured with a biological material, such as skin. I shuddered and it occurred to me that perhaps the aircraft was 'alive'. The recovered bodies were temporarily kept in a medical tent nearby. They were small, very frail and had large heads. His eyes were large. The skin was grayish and consistency of the Reptiles. He said it was similar to the squamous tissue of rattlesnakes, that he had often seen at White Sands. His inspection of the debris had confused: were thin fragments, aluminum color, such as aluminum foil of chewing gum. Very light and extremely resistant. The interior of the aircraft were almost bare of equipment, as if the creatures and the spacecraft were part of a single unit. It was then that I really felt lost. We returned to award ceremony, to which von Braun had been invited, and then we said goodbye. I went home with my head spinning from all that I had heard. I have been very difficult to keep silent for so many years, especially because many of my friends tried and colleagues who believe in UFOs, AND, ecc. In no time I reported anything, nor to the greater Keyhoe nor to NICAP, nor to the public. I did this by honoring the sanctity of my oath. The USAF ( Force, ed.) and the Federal Government – conclude McClelland – are still anchored to the version according to which crashed in Roswell was a weather balloon at high altitude, codenamed Mogul, a project developed to detect nuclear explosions in the Soviet Union. Also, according to the USAF, the bodies recovered were parachuted test dummies of the desert and ended up in the area of ​​the crash of the 'ball'. In essence, the USAF stood on this version has invented and passed off as real to the American public.

In conclusion we can say that there are no certainties. But even if our technology proves to be the result of back-engineering of alien spacecraft falls or captured by the military, you have to give honor to the men and scientists who have succeeded in such a large company, forever changing mankind and its quality of life.

Those of us who seek the truth is not to belittle the work of the great personalities and scholars of the last century, but only to understand why the world's governments insist on hiding facts that might help people to open their minds to new horizons and new ideas.

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