UFO spotted over Jerusalem

Posted on 2 February 2011 of Administrator in Ufology

In these days there is much talk of the sighting, by some tourists a bright object flying in the skies of Jerusalem (Israel). Its YouTube circulate several amateur videos of tourists who claim to have spotted a ball of light above the Temple Mount and the Wailing Wall,in the heart of the city.

The daily “Maariv”, already some weeks ago he noticed that some American tourists were seen in the skies of Jerusalem, an unidentified object.

It 's been a hectic day than yesterday, 1 February 2011. A hectic day and went around to the news coming from the ancient places of worship. Sites, online newspapers, portals, split between possibilistic and skeptical. Be careful and clear up the misunderstanding by. The most disparate hypotheses have accompanied the video first and subsequent. It is unclear how many videos were shot from different angles. Two for sure. Never as in this case the various centers UFO, worldwide, have maintained an attitude characterized by the utmost caution. Guest, before analysis of the images, few and circumstance. The caution reigns. The UFO Center of Benevento (CUB), well in the past that has dismantled several theorems of alleged sightings, invites fans for calm and patience. The "UFO sightinghs"Are a temptation for easy enthusiasm and at the same time can not be liquidated, at first sight, as fake.

The CUB has issued a statement late in the evening to clarify his position on the present state of things.

"With regard to sightings of Jerusalem 28 January 2011 absolute chaos. Circulating about several videos depicting the unidentified flying object from different angles.
Someone already said that the videos are fake, others say the opposite. Also we want our say! As we always say: 'Innocent until proven guilty', and therefore must be demonstrated that video is true or false as true or false will be judged on the lookout. True, however, could be considered a single video and another false, although both reported the same sighting. Wanting to do a bit of clarity we take the following position: analyze the video carefully and try to answer as satisfactory as possible. It would not be seriously, in one direction or the, responses to the emotional rush ".

It 's likely that in these hours, the team led by Angelo Carannante has commissioned a study on the matter in Mount Carmel Silvestri, the expert in image processing of CUB. Meanwhile, the videoposted onYouTube, appeared a couple of days ago, has far exceeded three hundred thousand share views. At this rate, the target of one million hits is not a chimera.

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